Daily Update – Oh Yeah! Use UserName Instead of Email Address with Docker

Every time I have to do docker work, I forget that Docker for Windows needs to authenticate using your Docker Hub “username” and not your “email address”.  This is so confusing because Docker Hub will allow you to use your email address when you visit the website and from the tray application in Docker for Windows.

When you use your email address to authenticate with docker it creates all sort of problems with Docker for Windows and Visual Studio.  Running docker login from the Command Prompt shows the issue.  If you use your email address, it works fine on hub.docker.com and from the tray application, but you will experience issues with docker login and Visual Studio.  The issues include failed deployments, failing to start docker, failing to authenticate, and more.  All of these errors are almost random.  You can even get into a bad state where you feel that you have to reset docker.