Dynatrace reborn as private company

I was speaking to my friends (i.e. former team) at GMO and they told me that Dynatrace was spun off from Compuware.  How could I have missed this?  News sometimes travels slowly.  For those that don’t know, Dynatrace is an amazing APM product and they are now back to their roots of being a company too.

NEWS : Dynatrace reborn as private company after three years as part of Compuware

Products in the Application Performance Management (APM) space are some of the best products to buy in the software industry.  Every major software vendor wants to have a product in the APM space.  Unfortunately they have to play catchup with the likes of Dynatrace, App Dynamics and New Relic.  Why?  That is easy.  Quality, Quality, Quality!

APM products focus on identifying and measuring business transactions, instrumenting your application, and examining the health of your application.  Think of it like a”concierge doctor” for your application that is there with you all the time.  What are some of the things that can be done with a product like Dynatrace?

  • What are my top 10 worst performing transactions?
  • What errors are impacting my users?
  • What tiers are the bottlenecks within my application architecture?
  • Is my network infrastructure negatively affecting my application?
  • Is my virtual infrastructure negatively affecting my application?
  • What caused an outage at 2:33 in the morning?
  • Are my transactions getting slower over time?
  • What are my slowest database queries?
  • What methods (i.e. code) does my application call frequently?

These questions are just a few of the questions that can be answered with Dynatrace.  Notice I said Dynatrace!  I have used almost all of the APM products on the market today.  Each of them have their strengths.  Unfortunately they also have their weaknesses.  While Dynatrace has a few weaknesses, these are weaknesses that most companies will never experience.  Their competition however cannot say that.  Each time I have been convinced to use a competitor product I have felt less than satisfied with the use of that product.  It could be as simple as a feature like capturing business transactions that span asynchronous invocations or a view that aggregates the data to give you an immediate answer.  Most of the competition has issues like this, but not Dynatrace.  Dynatrace is the swiss army knife of APM tools and it just keeps getting better.

Now that they are spun off as a separate company again, I believe that they are the company to watch.  They are definitely better than their competition and now that they are unshackled from Compuware, they will have an opportunity to focus.

Here is an interesting article regarding Dynatrace and their use by some of the top retailers.  I have no doubt that Dynatrace is in use by these major companies and that it is helping them address quality issues.

“Dynatrace is the digital performance solution behind exceptional digital performance leaders, including powerhouse brands such as: Amazon, Staples, Netflix, Sears, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Office Depot, Dell, Costco, The Gap and QVC.”

Dynatrace as #1 Provider of Web Performance Monitoring Solutions